Respect The Chief’s premier collection was inspired by nature both in this world and the one beyond us. We are mystified by this immense force that forms and influences our planet as well as its transient beauty. Collection 1 is composed of three separate groupings that work together to honor the metamorphosis of our universe. 



The persistence of force.

Eclipse draws from space and heavenly bodies and is inspired by the moon, orbits, and speed.  Mother of Pearl and Hematite represent the opposing forces of light and darkness, and their anchored placement embodies the persistence of gravity.  Eclipse brings a delicate hand to one of nature’s most grandiose phenomenons.



The persistence of being.

Although we are just tiny specs, each of us makes up a fragment of the universe.  Into The Void explores that duality of being singular yet connected, minute yet expansive.  Each piece features a petite turquoise set upon a much larger silver field.  Despite its diminutive size, even in its singularity, it is both a substantial and significant component to the jewelry.  In our own being, we are both small and infinite in our ephemeral bodies and our eternal souls.  We are each a part of the universe, and the whole of the universe as well. 



The persistence of time.

Evolution features ammonite, a crustacean that lived between 64-400 million years ago depending on the species. Despite total extinction, these shell-like fossils experience a new life as modern mementos.  Ammonites feature a subtle yet beautiful iridescence and are unrelenting in their quest for permanence.  They are the ultimate representation of the persistence of time and its ever-changing effects on nature.




Respect The Chief