PORTRAIT OF an ARTIST - The painter


THE ARTIST: Debora Cartwright

HAIR / STYLING: Chi-Chi Agbim

MAKEUP: Tanica Davis

JEWELRY: Respect The Chief

The New York City skyline is filled with an insurmountable number of windows, each one holding stories beyond its panes. Tucked away in a Harlem apartment, Debora invited us to join her and photographer Chi-Chi of Two Twenty Photography to get an intimate glimpse of her painter's studio and creative process.

Although this may have been just another day at work for Debora, we were fortunate enough to join her and gain a first hand look of an artist at work.  With music, mimosas, and conversation, the atmosphere was warm and familiar as if we were visiting an old friend. While casually debating her favorite musicians, an empty page slowly became decorated with magic.

Much like many of Debora's paintings, the watercolor dancer she created was graceful and lovely.  Her hair was made of hydrangea petals, and the paint strokes were wispy and soft. With a delicate hand and a creative spirit, Debora has a unique talent that transforms even banal events into joyous moments in a new and imaginative way.  

Likewise, Chi-Chi of Two Twenty is the queen of freezing life's most beautiful moments in time. Her photography is polished yet heartwarming and she has an innate ability to spark joy which can be seen in every photo she takes. Watching these two women work together was inspiring, and we were happy to collaborate with them to capture the brilliance that they both are.   



Respect The Chief