• Store multiple jewelry pieces in the same bag.  They can easily scratch one another 
  • Wear jewelry while swimming, sunbathing, or working out 
  • Submerge jewelry in water while cleaning
  • Use paper towels or abrasive cloths while cleaning jewelry.  They can leave scratches
  • Use just any "metal polishing" product.  Only use products specifically made for sterling silver





  • Store individual jewelry pieces separately in a soft or airtight bag
  • Keep your jewelry in an area with low humidity
  • Clean jewelry with a damp cloth and mild soap. Make sure jewelry is completely dry as to not leave water stains or trap moisture in the storage area. 
  • Remove jewelry while washing hands and using body products like face creams and lotions




Sterling silver as well as silver plating, gold, copper, and brass will naturally tarnish over time.  Tarnish usually appears as a dull, grey, or black film or coating over the metal.  This coating can sometimes be used as a design detail to accentuate and darken certain areas.  Also, the tarnished patina is what gives some vintage jewelry its character.  An authentic patina can also increase the value of old Native American jewelry in particular as it can help indicate the piece’s age. But, if you want to keep your sterling silver jewelry bright and shiny, especially your newly handmade pieces, you should avoid contact with moisturizers, perfume, makeup, and sweat.  Store your jewelry in a low humidity enviornment and do not use harsh chemicals and detergents.