Respect The Chief had a humble beginning, starting out on a kitchen table, but we had a tremendous desire to discover our own individuality and creative spirit. Although jewelry making was not our original path, our skills were acquired with a bit of ingenuity and resourcefulness. Our blank slate isn’t a hinderance, yet an opportunity for us to pave our own way while learning how to express ourselves in new forms and fashions.  Our goal is not to chase fleeting trends, but to form modern heirlooms while also celebrating classic ones.  

Much like our start, our technique remains humble, and the human hand is the greatest tool we utilize. We believe that craftsmanship is the key factor in creating sophisticated jewelry, not expensive equipment, and that starts with the hand. This personal touch cannot be removed from the process or replaced with technology. Respect The Chief values handmade goods, and we reject the concept of cheap labor, cheap materials, and cheap products for maximum profit. We want to provide you with a quality product so we only use precious metals and never use plating, base metals, or pre-made pieces. We purchase our stones from local and family owned business, and we produce in small batches to reduce waste.  Respect The Chief jewelry is hands on from concept to completion. We respect the process as much as the finished product.