Inspiration - Collection 2


GEMINI - Inspired by mythology, astrology, and exploration. 


Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and is named after the constellation created to immortalize the Twins Castor and Pollux. Both twins were sons of Leda, but each had a different father. Castor was the mortal son of Tyndareus, king of Sparta, and Pollux was the immortal son of Zeus. They were said to be conceived on the same night, and born together making them inseparable. A family fued that spearheaded the Trojan War ended in a brawl where Castor was killed by his cousin Lynceus. Pollux was saved when Zues intervened, but mourned his brother’s life. Zeus gave Pollux the choice to remain on Mount Olympus or share his immortality with his brother. He chose to remain with his brother, and they were transformed into the immortal constellation Gemini.



Castor and Pollux make up the two brightest stars of the constellation and can be found east of Taurus and Orion’s belt. Although twins, Pollux, the son of Zeus, is the brighter of the twin stars with a fiery orange hue, while Castor is fainter with a white and blue hue. When connected, their stars create a visualization depicting the twin brothers holding hands. This depiction was the jumping off point for the collection as we created the Interstellar Ear Jacket. Together, the earrings join to create the head and hands of the twins. Each has a different post to symbolize their heads, but utilize the same stones for the remaining body. The same types of stones are carried throughout the rest of the collection and are hand-cut in both cabochons and facets for a unified group.  



Gemini are known to be protectors of travelers, and in Greek and Roman iconography, the twins are often depicted on horseback with spears which inspired the Explorer and Explorerer 3 Posts. The earrings are posted upon the earlobe with dangling spears and act as talismans of armor and luck. The remainder of the collection is highly inspired by space travel throughout the 60’s.  Project Gemini was NASA’s 2nd human spaceflight program and the Gemini spacecraft was named for its two-astronaut crew, and also appropriately named after the crews mythological protectors. Pieces like the Roche Ear Posts and the Voyager pendant are inspired by vintage jewels of the 1960s that highlight space travel. Their larger stones and strong metals are a nod to the past, but are updated for a more modern look.


Overall, the collection serves to highlight the importance of kinship. In trying times, we should always be reminded that we are much stronger together than we are apart. As we travel through life, Castor and Pollux guide us toward safety and remind us that we are all brothers. We are all Gemini, and together we are immortal.





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