Unearthed Cuff

Unearthed Cuff


Big and bold silver cuff with a bezel-set ammonite on top.  The ammonite is cut in half to display the metallic hematite structure of the fossil. 

  • Sterling Silver

  • Ammonite




  • Diameter 6"
  • Cuff Opening 1" (at front) to 1.4" (at rear)
  • Width 2.4"


  • Diameter 7"
  • Cuff Opening 1.2" (at front) to 1.4" (at rear)
  • Width 2.4"


CARE: This cuff is slightly adjustable, but we advise not to repeatedly bend the silver.  It is best to resize once leaving enough room to slide on and off the wrist. 

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