Evolution Choker

Evolution Choker


Choker necklace with ammonite and moonstone.  The ammonite has a fire opalization that flashes when the light catches it.

  • Sterling silver
  • Ammonite
  • Moonstone



         Small (Neck Circumference 12"-13.5")

  • Diameter 4"
  • Collar Opening 1.6"
  • Ammonite Approx. 1"

         Large (Neck Circumference 13.5"-14")

  • Diameter 4.2"
  • Collar Opening 1.7"
  • Ammonite Approx. 1"


CARE: The shells are healthier when wet, yet water can damage the rest of the ammonite over time if it contains any level of acidity. We advise periodically moisturizing your ammonite using mineral oil which can be purchased at your local drug store.  It protects the opal like water without eroding the rest of the fossil.

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